Friday, 15 February 2013

Lucy... you have some following up to do!

When you last heard from this mommy...crusader? no wait.. When the last you saw ......
ummmmm (in loud voice-over)
Previously on I doodle in my brain...

I had done a few projects in a weeks time.
1. I painted (sort of) some glass jars and bottles and such for my home. Le example:  (I got this idea from Pinterest here: painted jars). It looks pretty good!

2. Closet cleaning. Well I only got to one closet. LOL But we got rid of 8 boxes of kids clothes! YAY. So this weekend. I WILL go through Fox's closet!!!!

3. The great freeze. I actually did this ! I went out and spent (lots of) money, and cooked a few things up (made shredding chicken, some homemade marinades, chicken stock and other stuff), then stuck them in the freezer. So far it's helped us with dinner time A LOT. :0 Gonna get me a book this payday (This one) and try more!

4. Valentines day! So I didn't really talk about it, except that I hate it. :) BUT Fox's birthday is Feb14. (JERK) and I wanted it to be special. SO i bought him a game . I told him as he was opening it that "it's not much, I just figured that since we're bound to grow old together, we might as well start doing old people things together now" and he liked it! I also wrote a list of reasons why I love him. Then cut them out and taped them to hearts.(which I also cut out myself) and threw them at him and yelled "heart attack!" and he grabbed his chest. LOL he also loved my list :) We also got dressed up for dinner. The girls liked that part.
For Valentines day, Fox made me a pot of coffee in the morning. He had to google how. That alone was impressive. :)

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