Thursday, 7 February 2013


So I am trying to organize my life. I figured i'd put this out there for the world, so that I HAVE to follow through :)

Here are the ways my life is a disaster:

1. I suck at food. Food in general. My kids eat more Mac n' Cheese than... Chef Boyardee's grand-kids. Every day, 3 times a day i go "really? again? they have to eat again?" Then it's a rushed panic to find something edible in my apartment. I've ACTUALLY had the older one say "can we have something else today? I don't want McDonald's anymore"   WOW i suck. SO this weekend i'll be attempting my first ever, cook and freeze marathon :) Hope I end up cooking and not wasting time online looking for "recipes" .....

2. My family hoards clothes. I am the only one in the house who actually purges clothes twice a year. BUT the rest of the wackos? Let me put it this way, the boyfriend "Fox" (who will further be known as Fox), has been out of high school for going on 12 years now... He has NEVER gotten rid of anything since....
 I call it his Ninja Turtle suit (yes it does have matching green crushed velvet pants. Thanks for asking!)

SOUTHPOLE... nuff said

SO i'm calling this weekend "The great purge and freeze"
I'm pretty sure that phrase will be famous.

aaaand i'm going to be rich and famous from my phrase.

Wish me luck!


  1. those shirts.... oh my...!!

  2. I agree...I said ewwww really loudly. I think zoot suits need to go too.