Thursday, 28 February 2013

the countdown

Yesterday, this email exchange happened:

sent from:
So laaaaaaaaaaaadeeeeeyyyyyy!!!!
 March 1st is on Friday. And you know what happens in March?

From: Me 
Spring? Easter? Bunnies turn brown? Grass smells like mold?  I turn 30? We can put away our winter gear?
Kidding, we NEVER put away our winter gear... lol

From: whoismich
LOL so true about the winter gear. Ugh… But yes… you turn 30! (what the what??). Any idea what you want to do for the big 30?

From: Me
I will hide until summer 
Then pretend i’m 29 again

 LOOK! A pantry hidden behind a cupboard door! LOL (I then sent her a pic of a pantry...)

Oh look a pantry! Haha

On a related note (to the topic you are avoiding and not pantries) I just looked up my 30 before 30 list to see where im at… ive crossed one thing off (plus the try cooking a new food each month is happening Jan – Meatloaf Feb – I forget what it was…. I know I made something because I said “this is my new thing for February”.

I need to step it up and cross more off. I should carry this list around with me at all time. Yes. I am printing it now.

From: Me

I should do something!!!!!! I only have 32 days left! LOL
OK, Here is MY 30 BEFORE 30 LIST (so basically almost one a day)

Feb 29- make a list (check! HAHA)  (oh wow, I’m not even going to correct my mistake here... you just tell me when you see it.)
Feb 28 – write a blog posting about birthday countdown

The daily countdown till I’m 30 blog posts!!!

And done.
Tomorrow practically writes itself. Except that I have to actually write it...

From: Whoismich 
Item 1 – create days that don’t exist

Birthday countdown : 31 days left 

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