Monday, 9 September 2013

Picture day Sept 9

Here are some pics from my phone! (not all from this week, I already used those on back to school day. )

Please ... To enjoy!
(Yes i know I said i'd do this on Fridays, but I forgot! so... shut it!)

Birthday boy being pushed in a barrel

Foam Pit!



Le best friend. SO STRONG

She's so strong! I fell off that!

i'm slow, and climbed over instead of jumping

my cousin J 

Nephew Lub Lub 

Cool action shot!

so gracefully, i fell in

Fox is super great at jumping

Lub was sad, he dropped his cupcake

I told birthday boy to make am "i'm 7" face... see below

He's 7

He hit himself in the head with the balloon. HAHAHAA

the next group of trouble makers.aka. the 2 person gang

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