Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Small Victories

One of my favourite blogs to read is The Bloggess
The other day she wrote something very honest. And followed it up with something else very honest. We all tend to be too hard on ourselves and it starts the depression spiral (maybe not all of us, but either way, we spiral. Either into depression, or towards food, or .. not... food. whatever your crutch may be) And it inspired me to start celebrating the small victories, instead of berating myself for all the shit I do wrong.(And let me tell you, I do MOST shit wrong. I'm pretty sure I even shit wrong.)

So here is my list of small victories today! YAY ME!

-Today, I got out of the house without yelling at my kids
-I finished my 30 day squat challenge yesterday and I hurt
-I jumped on a trampoline on Saturday and played in a gym with 15+ kids. And only peed my pants a little ... ok a lot.
-I also did two flips on the tramps! (trampolines...not tramps as in whores)
-I didn't buy anything unnecessary at the grocery store last night
-I didn't eat a doughnut today
- We cleaned out our storage unit after it being full for NO REASON for 5 years... YAY!! SO MUCH ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES!

SEE ? Small victories all around!
(Also, I can't type the word victories... I keep typing Vico Tires... ?)

And as as my favourite Bloggess always says (well she does now...) :
The point is, even if I accomplish nothing today, I didn't eat anyone.  That is a win.  For everyone.     ~ Jenny Lawson- aka. The Bloggess


  1. I love that you threw in a Stepbrothers reference. You are my kind of people.

  2. Why thank you Mrs. Jenny. :0 I hope you felt the enormity of your post, as I did.