Friday, 13 September 2013

Friday the 13th

I have no cute pictures for my Friday, picture day. So i'll just tell you about my crap morning instead. You'll have to use your imaginations...

Got up early (ie. on time) today. So I got to take a nice long hot shower and then walk around and let myself air dry. I got Diva up, and went to the kitchen to get her some warm milk (a habit neither of us can break yet, yes I know she's almost 5). While in the kitchen, i noticed i had no clean kids cups. So i emptied the clean dishwasher, and started filling it, so i can have an empty sink... Somewhere between my fantasy of shopping alone, and having a coffee on the way to work, I dumped a large plastic bowl FULL of dirty... (and what i'll call) spaghetti water. BLEH. it was a mixture of last nights' supper and two days ago tupperware residue... that was left soaking in a bowl... ALL OVER MYSELF AND THE KITCHEN FLOOR. So my off to a good start morning, ended up with me mopping... then rushing. Went to the bathroom, and dumped an entire box of Q-tips on the recently showered in (ie. wet) bathroom floor. WHUCK

Fast forward to the major rush of not getting my kids dressed, (Diva also didn't finish eating again) and out ot the car. I'm driving on the highway, where the speed limit is 100km/hr. (62m/her) and the dummy in front of me was doing 80 (49m), with nobody in front of him. I got up pretty close, because I was late, and already grumpy. Do you know what this fool did??? He picked his nose, and FLICKED it at my car! I could have hit him! if it weren't for my kids being there... lol wow he's one lucky dirty sommma btich lol BLEH now that i'm remembering all this, I need to wash my hands. Just cause.


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