Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Whine/wine Wednesday

Hey ya'll. I need supernanny.
My 4 year old Diva is REALLY living up to her name these days. Today, she screamed at me and my mother for 30 minutes. She didn't want to get dressed or eat or go to school. She was spitting and hitting and kicking and throwing her crap clothes. Kid ended up going to school with the worst case o bed head, and only 2 bites of a nutella sandwich in her. I know it's ok for that to happen once in a while. She needs to learn her lesson. But what else can I do? I've been setting her clothes out the night before, getting school bag ready, making my lunch the night before... etc

I wish I knew how to get her to listen and NOT scream at me. The little one is watching and wants to be just like her awful sister. I'm going to scour the interwebs and the parenting books I already have at home. I'm entering a new level of child crap. Before,  in the toddler years I was stressed... i'll laugh at those now! 2 year old who doesn't want to pick up her toys? hahahaa pretend to take the toys to the garbage! (of course, Nana loves throwing away toys sometimes... which is ok too!), 2 year old who wants to "do it myself!" ...fine. We'll be late, but at least it's taking a task off my list... BUT  a 4 year old who suddenly forgets how to put on her socks? then throws them upon the farce? Come on!!! A 4 year old who wants to wear a fluffy UGLY princess dress to school, where she had to wear a uniform?? As much as i'd like to say, i talked in a low soothing tone and said "oh sweety, you know you have to wear a uniform to school, and you can wear whatever you like afterwards... come on honey, let's go put that back in the dress up box, and get you to school on time"... I must say it was more like... (in a loving... yelling tone) "what the heck are you doing? I told you 30 minutes ago to get dressed!! where is your sandwich? OH MY GOD get your sandwich off the .. you're stepping on it!! Put something ON! and we will deal with you at your Mimi's" (That's what my kids call my mom) and then we grabbed everything and shoved it onto the stroller and ran the eff out of there.

SO i'm putting this out there. HELP ME HELP ME HELP ME
I know that kids will be kids, and they are just innocent and going through life with NO direction yet (hell I don't even know what i'm doing still), and are just trying to be happy and free (good luck with that kids! hhahahahaaaaa) so i really should give my girl some slack. BUT HOW???
Can someone out there actually help me? I need to know how to handle her new attitude, I need to figure out what i'm doing wrong, I need to learn how to discipline properly, and how to be calm. If anyone is friends with Jo Frost (Supernanny), and can ship her up to Canada (also not charge us), I have 3 families who'd do great with her help! (i'm not kidding by the way...)
Here, take a look at pics of my kids and sisters kids, being awesome...

you can't hear it, but she's about to scream because a dog ran under the tramp

I told my niece to dance because her brother was coming soon (being birthed...)

And that's the last time she had noodle soup...


Ghost blanket hug


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