Thursday, 18 April 2013

Being a mom is gross

I am a mom. I still have NO IDEA how I got here. My youngest daughter is 2... There are so many wonderful things that come with being a mom. There are also quite a few... minor annoyances.
Here's a short story for you all about just ONE of those annoyances:

Last week, I was at my mothers house with the girls. I had just finished changing Nana's diaper (NO she is not potty trained yet. Frick) and went to wash my hands. It's very dry here in Calgary. So i'm dry a lot. (not a random note... you'll see) After I wash my hands I always smell them (does that make me weird? GOOD!). This time, It didn't smell so clean. ew. So I washed them again. As I walked back to the kitchen, I smelled them again, and turned around and went to wash them again. I couldn't figure out why my hands STILL smelled like poo. SO GROSS! On the 4th round to the washroom, something made me stop in my tracks. A cold chill ran down my spine. and I ran into the washroom. ........... Since it's so dry here, I scratch. my face... I guess I must have scratched my forehead before washing my hands the first time, and also after EVERY time I'd washed my hands. Yes my friends, I had poo on my face.
The end

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