Tuesday, 30 April 2013

May 1st

I need something to write about. For the first time in a long time, i'm just riding the wave that is life. Right now, my "wave" is more like a dull ripple. And that's fantastic. Work is going well, nice and low intensity (for now). Kids are growing and being themselves (not sure if Nana will be sold yet... stay tuned)(oh, i'm not really serious, she is just two..), Family is calm, and keeping status quo. I'm good!

Tomorrow is my aunt's birthday. SHE CRAY. Every year she throws herself a large party in her tiny living room and invites EVERYONE (i mean it, she invites cashiers at stores she likes...). So i'm looking forward to some good ol' family time this weekend at the annual ho-down. (LOL she'd kill me if she read that. She's all about Motown. Detroit love, no ho-downs in her house!). After dinner (which is usually the first BBQ of the season), we move the furniture, and get to dancing! She puts on everything from the Temptations, to Whitney Houston, to M-J. all night long :) Can't wait!

FUNNY story, this morning  I asked my mother if my aunt is now a senior, since she's turning 55. But I said 65... (by accident I swear!) WWOPS! my mom almost hit me! (she's a year younger than my aunt. lol). I didn't mean it! Love you aunty!!

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