Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Let me tell you a story

Once upon a time, there was a young girl. she was very awkward and lanky. Her parents thought it would be good for her to establish some sort of ... routine and discipline. So those lovely parents enrolled her for Kung-Fu classes.
She hated going there. For one, there were BOYS there. Also, there were so many EFFING RULES!
anyway, one day they were being made to run across the room, and do what is called a "flying side kick" in front of everyone (yes, even the guy her age, with the ridiculously long eyelashes and Bambi-like eyes).. might be self explanatory, but it's when you run, and jump and kick at the same time. A-la 3 Ninjas:

So when it was her turn... she went up. And she bowed to the group (stupid rules) and turned and started to run. The pain hit her before anything else...
Then she saw the look on her sisters face...
And the fart came out with such power and pride. The group went silent. Waiting for something to happen, anything... the teacher to say something, the girl to react... anything. All held their breath (probably because the smell had started to make it's way to the audience)...

And she ran and hid in the bathroom until it was time to go home. Never to be seen again (in class... she didn't disappear or anything. Come on. Everyone has embarrassing fart stories)

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