Monday, 22 April 2013

Man Gina

Lots of moms today use the proper terms for private parts. Growing up, my mom called them Tutus and pee pees. And once in a while she called it my molly (scars for life people!)
In my house, i've been calling it their peepee just out of lazyness. So this morning, as i'm washing Nana up, she said her grandma calls it her tutu. I said "THAT'S IT we're not using silly words anymore." So i told them. You have a vagina. Diva says "no, it's my pee pee" I said, "well that's just the silly word we use.the REAL word is vagina". So Nana in her cute chipmunk voice says "I have a gina" close enough. So Diva says "I have a ... what? A man gina?" again close enough. As we're leaving the house, I quizz them again. Diva knows the name for the male body part. So she says "Boys have a penis, and girls have a Tunis?" ahem.. let's try this again. In the corner nana is repeating "I have a Gina" over and over. Diva tries again, "OH is it a tuna!?" .... wow. I said " no honey. We'll try this again later ok?" So we get to my moms, and I ask in front of her, all three of them got it wrong. (yes, by three, i mean my mother. :p )

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