Friday, 5 April 2013

In pursuit of happiness

Everybody wants to be happy. There are countless songs, books, quotes, bumper stickers... all talking about being happy.
"Don't worry. Be happy."
Well, I've been trying to figure out what makes me happy for a long time. And truth is, I have no idea. I know that I like to sing in my car, I know that I love to hear my kids say funny things, I know that I like coming to work everyday, I even know that I love my new haircut. But am I happy? Not the kind of happy I thought i'd be at this point in my life. I get frustrated with my boyfriend, I get frustrated with the messy apartment, I get frustrated with myself and my weight gain... I know those things are normal. But I don't feel like I have one thing, that i'm good at. That I love to do. I admire others for their sense of style, their ability to craft, or make something, or plan parties or just have a hobby. lol I wish I had a hobby that I found self satisfying. Something that is all me. Would that make me happy? It might help. I think if I had a super power, i'd be happy. :) I am an Aries. Which means I feel this constant drive behind me. telling me to move. and when i'm not moving, i'm feeling.... stuck. I always have this need to learn, and grow and change. ALWAYS. and lately, I've been stagnant. For a true Aries girl like myself, it's torture.
I'm going to learn how to knit this weekend. If it kills me. (haha oh Gosh, I hope I don't die from knitting...)

Have a great weekend everyone! and if I can figure out why my comments are not working... i'll be happy to hear of suggestions from the peanut gallery!

(side note. my fast typing ninja skills, just typed up penis gallery... thank goodness for my equally ninja like editing!)

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