Friday, 12 April 2013


Now, I'm no Nostradamus but I think I can predict a few things in the future. Let me look into my crystal... ball. (plastic works too...)

1. Diva will be JUST like me as she grows up. I was shy, and a bit neurotic even at the age of 4. So i'm sure she'll grow out of it in high school too, once the boys start to notice her....
2. Nana will be... well that's a hard one. She's just a copy cat right now. EVERYTHING her sister does, she does (Diva touches a wall, Nana touches a wall, Diva has a owie on her finger, Nanas finger is broken too, Diva has to pee, Nana has to pee... Nan is in diapers... )
3. Gas prices will go up this summer (....)
4. The newest tech gadget will be expensive and not much different from what we already have
5. There will be some bad movies this year
6. There will be some good movies this year
7. A celebrity will release a perfume
8. A celebrity will get a divorce
9. Lindsay Lohan will try to make a comeback
10. A blogger will be bored at work and make a very vague predictions list....

woah! I got one right already!

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