Wednesday, 14 August 2013

30 days of torture

I hate my body. It's not particularly HORRID, but it's nowhere near where it could or should be. I'm 5'6'', 163 Lbs. I used to be 120 lbs. ... holy crap that was 13 years ago hahaha wow. ok, so before I had Diva, I was 153lbs. So I've only gained 10, i n 4 years. ANYWAYS, Body = bleh. :)

My best friend is a workout.. crazy person. She is probably reading this, WHILE working out. Who knows. Her idea of a lazy day is ONLY going for one run... for an hour. HAHA My lazy day, is not getting out of bed. And If you ever see me running for an hour, i'm on drugs. or being chased by a zombie. So you should probably run too...

But even though girl is crazy, and I am lazy, she motivates me every once in a while (very sporadically), to get my ass off the couch, and go breath fresh air.

Usually I whine when someone suggests squats... until they give up and give me something else to do. But this time, i'm making MYSELF do them. I found a 30 days of squats challenge on Pinterest. I'm on day 6 right now! On the first day, it was 30 squats. today it was 90. By the end, I expect myself to do 175 squats.

I'm not TOO worried... haa haaa ok a little. BUT I expect results. I told myself to do this, so that I  can say I've challenged myself. Who knows, next month I might find an abs challenge. :)

I'm not giving myself a treat at the end of this. Because I need to learn to appreciate being healthy for what it is, not for any prize at the end. This time, my prize will be a tighter behind. :)

For anyone who is interested here is the blog that has the squats challenge:

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