Monday, 26 August 2013

Sweet as spice(ed pumpkin latte)

I have been bitching a lot on here lately. So today (a Monday even!), i'm going to say only nice things:)

It's almost fall ya'll! YAY!! That's my favourite season for so many reasons. One being, I hate summer clothes. HATE them. Something about tube tops, flip flops, and shorty short, that make me want to vomit. BLEH. BUT a soft cable knit sweater over leggings? Oh yes please! I love scarfs and boots, and hot chocolate and pumpkins spiced things! I love taking pictures in front of yellow and orange (and the rare red) leaves falling off the trees. GAH I need a hit! I love snuggling in the colder months. In the summer, I often wonder how we have spring/summer babies, because the idea of being that hot, and that close to another person, sounds awful (haha sorry Foxxy. I did snuggle you this summer though!!)(also i mean "WE" as the human race. lol My babies were both born in the dead of winter... )

I miss being a kid and jumping in the leaves. Now I'll just hit the ground. lol I miss picking out Halloween costumes way too early, and being excited about it for almost 2 whole months. I get to do that now, with my girls, but the excitement isn't as high anymore.

OOOH one thing i plan on doing with my kids for the first time EVER IN MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE is going to the corn maze. That sounds like fun! There's two in my city (outside my city really) and I can't wait to take the girls. Of course they hate the outdoors, and ... crowds and ...and animals (petting zoo)... and bouncy castles (I KNOW right?? what kid hates that???) BUT i'm going to take them, and they are going to like it damn it!

now I want a pumpkin spice latte... DAMN IT! (don't worry Crys, i'll make them low cal, fun free crap this year. LOL no more extra fat and extra sugar for my fat ass!). I also want a sweater. A large one! that goes down to my knees!! yeah! and .... BOOTS. sad face. i'm broke. lol

Carry on with your end of summer ... stuff! (i have no idea what normal people do in the summer... I don't do lakes, or camping, or... outside... I wonder where my kids get it from! HAHA)

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