Monday, 12 August 2013

miss a little... miss nothing at all

So as the title says... ya missed nothing! ha
I've just been working, and being a mom. And sat down. TWICE  lol

As previously mentioned, i'm trying to fix our routines, so I don't become scary mommy (as often...).
So far... it's KIND OF working.

I've only been working on morning and night routines so far. And we've gotten into the habit of reading bedtime stories every night. Which has made a HUGE difference. It's been the difference between going to bed frazzled and going to bed, with a quiet mind. So that's awesome. Mornings. are still kind of crap. But I've also been able to keep myself calmer. So that's good. I've made extra effort to keep a smile on my face and to keep my breathing slow and steady when i'm getting frustrated with the girls. Because they don't have a concept of time yet. How can I expect them to know what being late for work REALLY means. If i'm late, it's my issue, and my fault. So I am trying to not take that out on the girls. :)

Bath time is the next step. YIKES.
Diva has never been good with bath time. I'm not sure if it's something i'm doing wrong, or if it's her. I know lots of kids hate water in their face. But she is hysterical every time a DROP of water hits her face. So it's frustrating to wash her hair (or face for that freaking matter). Yesterday was no exception. She screamed at me when I told her it was time to wash up. So after dealing with an uncontrollable 4 year old who was starting to hyperventilate before I even put soap on her wash cloth... .I just took her out, and got her dressed. No washing. No soap, Not one hair got wet. And I was fine with it. I was calm. I didn't say anything i might regret later. I just said "ok, we'll try this again tomorrow"
So we'll see how she does when Fox is there to lend a manly voice. Or to do the washing part :)
I've tried so many things over the past few years, to get bath time to be a calm part of our day. But no matter how many toys, or bath bombs, or food colouring I use, she still FREAKS out when it comes to washing up. I've tried getting her to wash herself, I've tried laying her down in the tub, having her cover her ears while I wash (which worked until we started swim class last month), I've tried having her sit up, and me pour the water down her back. I've tried having her in the shower with me, I've tried letting her dip her hair into the water. I've tried all of it. I have NO CLUE how to keep her calm in the tub.
So if my comments section is working for you (hit and miss), please let me know any suggestions you might have! And i'll spend my busy *ahem* work day looking things up too :)


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