Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Mother Furkin Routines

So here we are, like what... 2 weeks later? AND MY DAY LOOKS THE SAME. Except, this week, Fox is home with the kids. So i get 1 hour of blissful sleep extra. WEEEEEE!
Except today. Because Diva was BACK in our bed, and kicking the shiz out of me, and I woke up at 4 am with a horrible coughing fit....

I am getting nervous here people. Diva is starting kindergarten in 14 days (WOAH putting it in days is even scarier!) And over the weekend, i discovered (thanks to my always punctual sister) that i'll have to actually FEED the kids in the morning before taking them to my mothers house. HOLY CRAP. That just made my super rushed mornings WAY more tense. WHAT THE HELL AM I GOING TO DO!???

Ok. step one. Calm the frick down.
Step two. Think of a breakfast food list. Stuff the kids will love and will always eat and is quick and easy. So... looks like they'll be eating nutella sandwiches until college!
Step three. ... i got nothing. Oh wait ... PLAN the morning out, like with times and shit. This is where I mess up. Because in real life right now, I set my alarm for 5 am... hit snooze about 4 times (9 minutes in between each time) and then zombie walk to the shower. Get the kids up at 6, then run around like a decapitated chicken until almost 7 when i realize my kids are still naked and crying and where did the time go!!! i don't even have that much hair, so i'm not spending my time doing that, i hardly ever wear makeup (ever) so it's not that. I eat in my car... so that's not it. I HAVE NO IDEA YOU GUYS!

OK, i need to calm down again. In... out.....

I'm back.
Ok, so what my (perfect) sister suggested I do, is get up at 5, like ACTUALLY get up at 5. Get myself showered and done, then get the kids up, and since I won't have to leave the room to finish getting ready, i'll be able to put all of my focus on them. Get them up and feed them, and while they are eating, get out their clothes. Put on a timer, so they know that once it goes off, it's time to go. Since I know it won't work for the first few days (my kids are not morning people. or good eaters) I'll pack a snack in Diva's backpack. for WHEN she's starving later in the morning. Brush hair while they are eating ... alarm probably at 6:30 (30 minutes to eat is good right?) make them get dressed (thank GOD for uniforms), and LEAVE AT 7 am (not 7:20 like it has been...)
Well, that's it. I'll start on Monday. There's no point in getting them up early this week, since they are home with Fox. So that gives us one week, for the morning routine to stick... God help us.

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