Thursday, 9 May 2013

Just a normal day

So we all knew the inevitable mothers day post was coming sooner or later...GAH. First let me start by saying mothers day sucks. Yeah I said it. SUCKS. why? Because it's never as fun or relaxing or ... happy as you'd want it to be. The kids are still kids, they don't give a crap. They'll fight and throw food and tantrum all over your tatum. Also, the men... in my experience don't get it. My dad would buy my mother flowers when i was a kid. that's it. My boyfriend (STILL just a boyfriend) would go get me flowers AND his mother flowers, and then take her out to dinner... um....
OK, i love my kids. TO THE DEATH (whose death? i'm not sure yet). But sometimes... SOMETIMES.... i just want to lock myself in the bathroom and eat chocolate cake and pretend i'm going poo for an hour. Sometimes I just want everyone to say please and thank you and EAT ALL THE FOOD! Lately, Nana has started to say her "good-nights" like this : "Good night mama, i yuv you....sssoooory"
Why? because every single day, she has something to say sorry about, even if she doesn't remember what she did. I ask her "why do you say sorry?" and she mumbles something about not listening, or biting her sister...
All that to say, here are the things I REALLY want for mothers day:
1. Chocolate cake. all to myself.
2. A bath. ALL TO MYSELF
3. To not have to cook or clean, or have to clean up Sundays mess on Monday..
4. Maybe something shiny...
5. NOT flowers
6. A professional massage. I've been needing one for two years now...

And going forward after mothers day:  for everyone to tell me dinner was great, and then freaking eat it! (woah sorry...)

Also, a nice cuddle, by all individuals (individually! don't want to feel overwhelmed on my "day off") would be nice.

The End

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  1. If I was in YYC I'd bake you a cake. I think you deserve all the things on your list...but after the cake maybe a nice walk/yog for me okay! Love you.