Wednesday, 22 May 2013

use your words

I used to swear. Not excessively, but enough to get my point across.  :)

Then I had the little turds. I'm kidding I never call them turds! hahah ... ahem. (although while I was pregnant, they were both lovingly called my little parasites). And suddenly i'm way more aware of what I say (not as aware as I should be.. my 2 year old says crap) and how I say it (again... not really). I've noticed lately, how much I sound like my mother. WHICH IS REALLY SCARY YOU GUYS!!!! Growing up, my mother would NEVER let us say basically anything that would sound un-ladylike. EVER. She made us replace the word Fart, with toot, or fluff (that gives such a nice visual eh??) She'd never say any of the big swears, so she replaced them as follows :
shit = poopstink. (as in, OH POOPSTINK, i forgot to pick up milk), also FUDGE
fuck = poopstink, also Shoot!
bitch = uncouth, or unladylike.
fart = fluff, toot, bucket
Shut the hell up = Shut your eyeballs

I on the other hand, usually say Frick for everything. But my new favorite is Fenugle (pronounced FEN-ooogle). I use it almost daily. Here, i'll use it in a sentence; I don't care! you're such a fenugle! OR take it up a notch "i don't give a flying fenugle!"

My father tried to watch what he said... my ultimate favorite is and always will be *while driving behind someone who just cut him off*  You FUCKING dough-head!!!!

What are some words you use instead of swearing??

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