Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Monday on a Wednesday

So sometimes your day will start off like crap. Oh how I miss those days, when my day was crap because i'm an idiot. NOW my days are crap because my kids are too young, too suborn and too tired (also i'm still very much an idiot)

This is what I sent to my BFF this morning upon getting to work:

Couldn't sleep last night
House was a MESS this morning, trying to get ready, with piles of clothes everywhere, and toys, and had to do dishes, because the kids needed milk, and there were no cups, they were under the dirty pots.
Diva decided to not get dressed, and started screaming. Then the screaming continued all the way to the car.
I got frustrated (understatement) And yelled at the kids to get into the car, then their seats, then seat-belts  then FOR THE LOVE OF ELMO KEEP YOUR BOOTS ON! . I SLAMMED my trunk really hard...
Got kids to moms, after 25 mins of driving with screaming Diva in the car.
Rain rain rain. Kids walking slow in the rain. (I sound like Dr Seuss)
Got back on highway, no time for coffee or breakfast.
Traffic traffic traffic
meeting at 8:15... got to office at 8:15, discovered TRUNK IS BROKEN. It popped up for no reason while driving. :(
think i might have fixed it... will see later.

So.... I will need all the coffee today
Also all the wine tonight

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