Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Somewhere over the rainbow

First off, I have to say that I'm praying for EVERYONE affected by the tornado's this week. My heart breaks more and more, every time I read about it. Or even think about it. I sure hope God has a good reason for dropping a tornado on top of two elementary schools... ( i know it doesn't REALLY work that way, but come on, we have to blame someone right?)

In Calgary, we do not see tornado's. We just don't. Like EVER . There have been reportings of some touching down mere Kilometers (there's 0.621371192237 miles in one KM) from Calgary, but as long as I've lived, there have never been any IN our city.(Ok so that's not true, the google says there was one small one confirmed in 2011. It was small and didn't do much. Plus it was on the complete opposite end of town from me, so... it doesn't count) Some say it's because the mountains are so close, some say God's at work here (lucky us... ) (and I only say that because we are most definitely not the chosen city. God is also down in Oklahoma right now, lending a hand)  and others are just sitting in bunkers with metal hats waiting for one to drop a house on them. (i.e... me)

I've had a SEVERE fear of wind/clouds/tornado's as since I was a kid. I mean I'd skip school in elementary just to avoid being outside if there might be wind that day. I used to tell my parents my stomach hurt and cry and fake throw up, just to avoid all things "fun" an outdoorsy. I've been through counselors as a kid, and they didn't help at all. AT ALL. they told my parents to buy wind chimes... (hey there past-tense mom and dad, wind chimes ALERT me to the wind outside, not make it pleasant. I've had MANY nightmares with wind chimes in them ever since). 

  So now we have a tragedy like the one in Oklahoma yesterday. ALL of my fears are brought back, and now some fun new ones. I have kids. Kids who I cheerfully say "ooh look how windy! so fun eh?" to, all the time. Kids who will be going to school one day. Kids who I hope and pray will be safe at school. School used to feel safe for me (i used to hide in the bathrooms during storms back then). I just hope my kids feel safe at school too.

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