Monday, 13 May 2013

M is for mom and milk and moooooooooo

No that title has nothing really to do with this post. I just couldn't think of any other M words.. at all! (ok, Monday...) (oooh and Milk of Magnesia) (and Mongolia)
ummm quick read this:
Here are some of the ridiculous things that have come out of my two girls mouths lately:

"Happy bedtime day!" (= happy mothers day... )
"The lady bug is not going to bite daddys mouth" (we were in the car... no bugs and no daddy...)
" i'm purdy mommy!" (yes you are punk)
" I don't want cold milk, I want soft milk. No not hot milk, SOFT MILK." (we heated it up, because that's how we always give it to her. Apparently soft means warm... )
"I so mesited mommy! To see Uncle Chelle and Machine!" (Uncle Chelle= @whoismich, Machine = my cousin Meeghan)

 "Where are my ideas!?" (Took 10 minutes to realize Ideas = Adidas)
"FIND!" (as in fine... i'll go put my toys away. Even after correcting her every day, she still replaces the word fine, with find)

Diva doesn't really have any fun things coming out of her mouth these days, she's just so damn miserable!!!!! I need supernanny!!!!!!

Mothers day was pretty good in my house, I got to sleep in (yay!!), breakfast in bed (yummy yay!) flowers and a gift card for a mani pedi, then at my moms house I got a handmade necklace (from mom) and a beautiful painting from each daughter. Looks like puke and gold spray paint :) Le Sigh, the years of SUPER awesome art begins... LOL I hope next year I get macaroni necklesses... i'll actually wear them all day too.

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