Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Big Things

I got a new job. It's not a BIG job, nor is it a step up in the food chain.(it's also, only a 6 month job. With potential to stay). It's just another administrative assistant job at another office, working for my bosses boss. But it's a HUGE deal in my little world!!
I'm so effing scared you guys! lol
Not only is it super far from my house (what was I thinking!!!???), it's also a pretty grown up ... place. LOL oh.. yeah totally gonna fit in there.. My new boss, upon telling me I got the job, said that I can't wear jeans anymore. I died a little. lol Nothing I own is workplace appropriate anymore, and the clothes that are... are way too small.. So I need to hit up the thrift shop! (not kidding. I can't just GO SHOPPING FOR MYSELF right before Christmas... )
So now i'm freaking the freak out. (I also have a bunch of issues going on with my current job, and I wish I could just take my old job to my new job..)
On the plus side, there are people at my new office, that ACTUALLY like me! ha and who i'm so excited to work with. They have been my cheerleaders for a while now, and I can't wait. I will however miss my old office. I've been here for 6 (almost 7) years (HOLY CRAP REALLY?), So i have a lot of things and years to let go of. THIS IS HARD!!!

Ok, I can't keep dwelling, plus I only have a week left to pack up my old job into a nice little ready to open package....
So have a good day ! ( i know I won't)

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