Friday, 25 October 2013

Picture Day

Last weekend was my nephew Lubby's (or Lub Lub, however you prefer lol) 4th birthday. He's such an amazing guy. With a capitol ZING! Like I love everything about this boy. From his ginormous eyelashes, to his smile, all the way down to his elephant obsession. (i'm sure that by now, us adults are just perpetuating this, but I don't care!) I go out of my way to look for things with elephants on them, just so I can think of him and smile. Even if I never get to show him, just knowing that he would have loved to see it, makes me happy.
Also, i'm not sure I've ever mentioned my only niece... LOL This kid is something special. I love her and love her energy (sometimes... sometimes the kid is just nuts :) ) So from now on, since Diva was already taken i'll call her..... Queen. :)

Here are some awesome pics of last weekend!
The girls were hiding from me under the table.. then decided to kiss. lol

Chinny snuggling some booboos lol 

Lub and our Queen

The Queen was SO happy for him. She acted like a proud mother

Poor newest baby. they put icing on your nose! 

Chinny Chin Chin

Happy 4th Birthday my LubLub

Only missing the newest baby

Newest Baby! (yup that'll be his name. until he gets a personality! ha)

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