Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Let me tell you a story - Halloween Edition sort of

In the spirit of Halloween, I will share with you something  very personal about me...
There. I said it.
I am scared of movies with ghosts, chainsaws, talking toys (even Toy Story has its moments...) (That doll head on metal spider legs. ... WHAT THE HELL!?)

Growing up, i was always the one hiding in the bathroom. I cried whenever my sister and her friends talked about the scary movies they've seen. I remember once, sitting in my aunt and uncles kitchen when my sister and cousin watched  "Village of the Damned". I literally HID for and hour and a half, with my hands over my ears. Same goes for Pet Cemetery... YIKES. I have not seen it, but I've HEARD it.
AND OMG i just googled "Children of the Corn " (I've always confused both movie titles, probably because I've never seen either...) I HAVE GOOSEBUMPS YOU GUYS!! Stephen King, you are one sick freak.

Ok, so... i'm done thinking about scary things... um...(yes, i did totally just freak myself out...)
let's talk about fun things!

My sister threw a kids Halloween party on Saturday. It was cute, and good fun.
Here, look!

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