Thursday, 3 October 2013

Small victories pt. 2

As a fun idea given to me by The Bloggess, I will keep reminding myself that i'm doing alright.

Small victories this week:

- I lost 5 lbs in September!! Bitches!! hahaaaaaaaa  (yes i know that didn't happen THIS week... but shut up... small victories ya'll!)
- I came back to work and got shiz done
- I might have applied for a temporary job at my dream office...  :P
-Bought a new dinning table. This was a big deal for me. The one before, was a high bar style table, and Nana had fallen off last year (Januaryish) and broke her collar bone ( I know!! my little Nana!!) (BROKEN) So this one is low and I got a bench and the kids have eaten ALL their meals there...
- The kids are eating at the table instead of the couch!!(yes i'm a bad mom. we barely ever ate together... But we do now!)
- I've grown a back bone and my kids no longer watch TV until they finish whatever meal it is that I want them to eat! Also, if they are rude or don't stay in their chairs or generally suck, the TV stays off. ALL DAY. i'm growing up ya'll! ha

The point is, even if I accomplish nothing today, I didn't eat anyone.  That is a win.  For everyone.     ~ Jenny Lawson- aka. The Bloggess

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