Tuesday, 30 April 2013

May 1st

I need something to write about. For the first time in a long time, i'm just riding the wave that is life. Right now, my "wave" is more like a dull ripple. And that's fantastic. Work is going well, nice and low intensity (for now). Kids are growing and being themselves (not sure if Nana will be sold yet... stay tuned)(oh, i'm not really serious, she is just two..), Family is calm, and keeping status quo. I'm good!

Tomorrow is my aunt's birthday. SHE CRAY. Every year she throws herself a large party in her tiny living room and invites EVERYONE (i mean it, she invites cashiers at stores she likes...). So i'm looking forward to some good ol' family time this weekend at the annual ho-down. (LOL she'd kill me if she read that. She's all about Motown. Detroit love, no ho-downs in her house!). After dinner (which is usually the first BBQ of the season), we move the furniture, and get to dancing! She puts on everything from the Temptations, to Whitney Houston, to M-J. all night long :) Can't wait!

FUNNY story, this morning  I asked my mother if my aunt is now a senior, since she's turning 55. But I said 65... (by accident I swear!) WWOPS! my mom almost hit me! (she's a year younger than my aunt. lol). I didn't mean it! Love you aunty!!

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Birthday shoutouts

Today is my bestest girlie's brithday. She is 30 now (haha welcome to the club. It is great, except when it sucks. But you have a nice ass, and your hair is not grey. so ... YAY!)
Here is she:


I counted yesterday, In a 5 minute time span, I heard "mama" 24 times. It's a 25 minute drive from my house to my parents house. Nana has also discovered a new and "fun" question. I hear this question almost as often as "mama" You know what the question was? WHAT'S THAT SOUND? My daughter asks me that ALL the time now.
Here is a sample conversation with my 2 year old:
Nana: Mama
Me: ...
Nana: Mama
Me: Yes baby
Nana: Mama, what's that sound?
Me: the car, we're driving
Nana: Mama
Me: yes
Nana: Mama Mama
Nana: Mama, what's that sound?
Me: your sister singing
Nana: Mama, what's that sound?
Me: The radio
Nana: what's that sound mama?
 Me: Still the radio, do you want me to turn it up?
Nana:  yes mama up
Me: Ok
Nana: MAMA! what's that sound?
Me: Adele
Nana: I yike Madele
Nana: mama
Me: .....
Nana: MAMA, mama, mama, mama, mama, mama, mama
Nana: I yuv you soooo much Mommy.

I love you too punk.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Man Gina

Lots of moms today use the proper terms for private parts. Growing up, my mom called them Tutus and pee pees. And once in a while she called it my molly (scars for life people!)
In my house, i've been calling it their peepee just out of lazyness. So this morning, as i'm washing Nana up, she said her grandma calls it her tutu. I said "THAT'S IT we're not using silly words anymore." So i told them. You have a vagina. Diva says "no, it's my pee pee" I said, "well that's just the silly word we use.the REAL word is vagina". So Nana in her cute chipmunk voice says "I have a gina" close enough. So Diva says "I have a ... what? A man gina?" again close enough. As we're leaving the house, I quizz them again. Diva knows the name for the male body part. So she says "Boys have a penis, and girls have a Tunis?" ahem.. let's try this again. In the corner nana is repeating "I have a Gina" over and over. Diva tries again, "OH is it a tuna!?" .... wow. I said " no honey. We'll try this again later ok?" So we get to my moms, and I ask in front of her, all three of them got it wrong. (yes, by three, i mean my mother. :p )

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Being a mom is gross

I am a mom. I still have NO IDEA how I got here. My youngest daughter is 2... There are so many wonderful things that come with being a mom. There are also quite a few... minor annoyances.
Here's a short story for you all about just ONE of those annoyances:

Last week, I was at my mothers house with the girls. I had just finished changing Nana's diaper (NO she is not potty trained yet. Frick) and went to wash my hands. It's very dry here in Calgary. So i'm dry a lot. (not a random note... you'll see) After I wash my hands I always smell them (does that make me weird? GOOD!). This time, It didn't smell so clean. ew. So I washed them again. As I walked back to the kitchen, I smelled them again, and turned around and went to wash them again. I couldn't figure out why my hands STILL smelled like poo. SO GROSS! On the 4th round to the washroom, something made me stop in my tracks. A cold chill ran down my spine. and I ran into the washroom. ........... Since it's so dry here, I scratch. my face... I guess I must have scratched my forehead before washing my hands the first time, and also after EVERY time I'd washed my hands. Yes my friends, I had poo on my face.
The end

Friday, 12 April 2013


Now, I'm no Nostradamus but I think I can predict a few things in the future. Let me look into my crystal... ball. (plastic works too...)

1. Diva will be JUST like me as she grows up. I was shy, and a bit neurotic even at the age of 4. So i'm sure she'll grow out of it in high school too, once the boys start to notice her....
2. Nana will be... well that's a hard one. She's just a copy cat right now. EVERYTHING her sister does, she does (Diva touches a wall, Nana touches a wall, Diva has a owie on her finger, Nanas finger is broken too, Diva has to pee, Nana has to pee... Nan is in diapers... )
3. Gas prices will go up this summer (....)
4. The newest tech gadget will be expensive and not much different from what we already have
5. There will be some bad movies this year
6. There will be some good movies this year
7. A celebrity will release a perfume
8. A celebrity will get a divorce
9. Lindsay Lohan will try to make a comeback
10. A blogger will be bored at work and make a very vague predictions list....

woah! I got one right already!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Let me tell you a story

Once upon a time, there was a young girl. she was very awkward and lanky. Her parents thought it would be good for her to establish some sort of ... routine and discipline. So those lovely parents enrolled her for Kung-Fu classes.
She hated going there. For one, there were BOYS there. Also, there were so many EFFING RULES!
anyway, one day they were being made to run across the room, and do what is called a "flying side kick" in front of everyone (yes, even the guy her age, with the ridiculously long eyelashes and Bambi-like eyes).. might be self explanatory, but it's when you run, and jump and kick at the same time. A-la 3 Ninjas:

So when it was her turn... she went up. And she bowed to the group (stupid rules) and turned and started to run. The pain hit her before anything else...
Then she saw the look on her sisters face...
And the fart came out with such power and pride. The group went silent. Waiting for something to happen, anything... the teacher to say something, the girl to react... anything. All held their breath (probably because the smell had started to make it's way to the audience)...

And she ran and hid in the bathroom until it was time to go home. Never to be seen again (in class... she didn't disappear or anything. Come on. Everyone has embarrassing fart stories)

Friday, 5 April 2013

In pursuit of happiness

Everybody wants to be happy. There are countless songs, books, quotes, bumper stickers... all talking about being happy.
"Don't worry. Be happy."
Well, I've been trying to figure out what makes me happy for a long time. And truth is, I have no idea. I know that I like to sing in my car, I know that I love to hear my kids say funny things, I know that I like coming to work everyday, I even know that I love my new haircut. But am I happy? Not the kind of happy I thought i'd be at this point in my life. I get frustrated with my boyfriend, I get frustrated with the messy apartment, I get frustrated with myself and my weight gain... I know those things are normal. But I don't feel like I have one thing, that i'm good at. That I love to do. I admire others for their sense of style, their ability to craft, or make something, or plan parties or just have a hobby. lol I wish I had a hobby that I found self satisfying. Something that is all me. Would that make me happy? It might help. I think if I had a super power, i'd be happy. :) I am an Aries. Which means I feel this constant drive behind me. telling me to move. and when i'm not moving, i'm feeling.... stuck. I always have this need to learn, and grow and change. ALWAYS. and lately, I've been stagnant. For a true Aries girl like myself, it's torture.
I'm going to learn how to knit this weekend. If it kills me. (haha oh Gosh, I hope I don't die from knitting...)

Have a great weekend everyone! and if I can figure out why my comments are not working... i'll be happy to hear of suggestions from the peanut gallery!

(side note. my fast typing ninja skills, just typed up penis gallery... thank goodness for my equally ninja like editing!)

Monday, 1 April 2013

She went up a hill a girl, and came down a mountain a woman

Oh boy... here it is. Yes I am officially 30. It both scares me and excites me. I've always felt like a kid in an adults body, and that I was moving through life by going with the flow. That is all changing now. I feel like I can use the number 30 as a stepping stone in my life. Like I will be using this year as a measure for my future self. Does that sound hooky? lol

I've decided to make a list of things I want for myself, or things I need to work on going forward in life. This is not a bucket list. This is a life list.Things I should have been doing all along, or things that I feel will help improve my current self. Here is that list:

1. Work on my posture. I feel like there is a pressure pulling my shoulders towards each other, in my chest. .... Hmmmmm i wonder what could be in the middle of my chest that is heavy and pulling my shoulders together.....
2. Get to my goal weight. This might help with the heavy weights in my chest. LOL. I don't want to have a goal weight for the sake of looking good at parties (although that would be nice). I just want to be sure that I'll be around (and enthusiastic) for when I have grand-kids one day.
3. Start resistant/ weight training. This will help me get to the goal weight. You know, you're never to young to worry about bone density! (haha)
4. Meditate
5. Learn to knit AND crochet (i know they are two different things)
6. Go outside with my kids every single day. This is sad that I don't already do this. I'm just not good at participating sometimes. Which brings me to...
7. Participate in as much things as I can. I don't mean volunteer to make 30 cupcakes for every occasion (although once or twice a year sounds okay to me). I mean get off the couch. Go outside. Take my kids (willingly) to the park, to the movies, say yes to plans, be silly, sing, go overboard sometimes. I have been sitting and letting life pass me by lately.
8. Try yogurt and find one I like
9.Walk the hill in my neighborhood EVERY single day. (even in snow and rain. Just probably not in lightning lol)
   10.Try one new recipe a week
11. Turn off my phone at least once a day (or just keep it on silent and plugged in, in my room...)

So there it is. I hope I will continue to grow up (and not out)