Thursday, 28 February 2013

the countdown

Yesterday, this email exchange happened:

sent from:
So laaaaaaaaaaaadeeeeeyyyyyy!!!!
 March 1st is on Friday. And you know what happens in March?

From: Me 
Spring? Easter? Bunnies turn brown? Grass smells like mold?  I turn 30? We can put away our winter gear?
Kidding, we NEVER put away our winter gear... lol

From: whoismich
LOL so true about the winter gear. Ugh… But yes… you turn 30! (what the what??). Any idea what you want to do for the big 30?

From: Me
I will hide until summer 
Then pretend i’m 29 again

 LOOK! A pantry hidden behind a cupboard door! LOL (I then sent her a pic of a pantry...)

Oh look a pantry! Haha

On a related note (to the topic you are avoiding and not pantries) I just looked up my 30 before 30 list to see where im at… ive crossed one thing off (plus the try cooking a new food each month is happening Jan – Meatloaf Feb – I forget what it was…. I know I made something because I said “this is my new thing for February”.

I need to step it up and cross more off. I should carry this list around with me at all time. Yes. I am printing it now.

From: Me

I should do something!!!!!! I only have 32 days left! LOL
OK, Here is MY 30 BEFORE 30 LIST (so basically almost one a day)

Feb 29- make a list (check! HAHA)  (oh wow, I’m not even going to correct my mistake here... you just tell me when you see it.)
Feb 28 – write a blog posting about birthday countdown

The daily countdown till I’m 30 blog posts!!!

And done.
Tomorrow practically writes itself. Except that I have to actually write it...

From: Whoismich 
Item 1 – create days that don’t exist

Birthday countdown : 31 days left 

Wednesday, 27 February 2013


Last night I talked on the phone. I KNOW! who the heck does that anymore? I almost answered it like "hello? what is this thing? who is this? is it working right?"
But I knew who it was! My Best friend! This punk moved away. 3 hours away by car. She has NO idea how badly I need my best friend sometimes. I also call her Shamalama. Don't ask :)

ANYWAY. So last night, we talked. and it was great. It's like taking a pill for a headache. Talking with the best friend, is therapy. I hope I was therapy for her too.

Shamalama is moving back to our hometown (large city) at the end of the school year. She is an elementary school teacher. I LOVE that about her. Although she is still new at it, she was made for it, and I hope that she never looses sight over the bigger picture.

I can't WAIT to be able to drive to her place on a weekday. I cannot wait to be able to hug her when I feel sad or pee my pants with her when I laugh (literally or figuratively? you decide...).

She said something last night that made me think (and i hate thinking. My brain STILL hurts). She said once we moves back, then we'll be able to get back on track. I guess I didn't realize how hard it REALLY is for her. I'm here, in our home. With everyone we grew up with (yeah right, Like i ever talk to people from 12 years ago.. haha) with the comforts of the streets we grew up on. With the clean air (hahaha She lives in a city I like to call Smellmonton  :)) and she's all alone (with her man) up there (north, not in space) and her city smells like urine, and the roads are HORRIBLE and her parents are not there. And neither am I.

I just wanted her to know that I love her. and miss her. and will do a brand new made up on the spot dance when she comes home.
She is going to cry reading this. LOL i know, because she ALWAYS cries! hahahaaaaa MUAH! LOVE YOU SHMOOPY POO!!

(Shama is less curly than I and yes that Is my tongue)

Friday, 22 February 2013

The birds and the bees

So I was watching the Little Mermaid "trilogy" with my four year old Diva. And I got to thinking... So Ariel was a mermaid until she was the tender age of 16. Then she got married and had a baby. My problem with this is, if she was a fish for 16 years, she's never had a vagina before right? So she's never had her period. So   I would assume that she had it once she became a person... right? What was that like? Did Prince Eric try to explain tampons to her through the bathroom door?

Just some wholesome food for thought...

Friday, 15 February 2013

Lucy... you have some following up to do!

When you last heard from this mommy...crusader? no wait.. When the last you saw ......
ummmmm (in loud voice-over)
Previously on I doodle in my brain...

I had done a few projects in a weeks time.
1. I painted (sort of) some glass jars and bottles and such for my home. Le example:  (I got this idea from Pinterest here: painted jars). It looks pretty good!

2. Closet cleaning. Well I only got to one closet. LOL But we got rid of 8 boxes of kids clothes! YAY. So this weekend. I WILL go through Fox's closet!!!!

3. The great freeze. I actually did this ! I went out and spent (lots of) money, and cooked a few things up (made shredding chicken, some homemade marinades, chicken stock and other stuff), then stuck them in the freezer. So far it's helped us with dinner time A LOT. :0 Gonna get me a book this payday (This one) and try more!

4. Valentines day! So I didn't really talk about it, except that I hate it. :) BUT Fox's birthday is Feb14. (JERK) and I wanted it to be special. SO i bought him a game . I told him as he was opening it that "it's not much, I just figured that since we're bound to grow old together, we might as well start doing old people things together now" and he liked it! I also wrote a list of reasons why I love him. Then cut them out and taped them to hearts.(which I also cut out myself) and threw them at him and yelled "heart attack!" and he grabbed his chest. LOL he also loved my list :) We also got dressed up for dinner. The girls liked that part.
For Valentines day, Fox made me a pot of coffee in the morning. He had to google how. That alone was impressive. :)

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Valentines day in my house

So last night me and Le Fox were talking. He says "I'll have to get you a valentines day gift next week". I said "please don't it's stupid and if you do it another day, it's not valentines day, its just payday"
I told him there was one thing that he could do, to melt my heart. Make me a coffee first thing in the morning. His answer? "can you show me how to make it the night before?"

Kind of defeats the purpose, no?

Valentines fail.(part one i'm sure)

Friday, 8 February 2013

Sex after kids. Part 1.

Oh hi there!
Today we will be talking about sex after kids. Thanks for bringing it up...

I used to have sex. Twice for sure
After having my first daughter, we will call her Diva, I was scared. That is some traumatizing... sorry. Nevermind.
So i'm pretty sure Diva broke my kitty. (Yes that's what I call it). I'm not a doctor, Nor do i play one on TV. It was pretty painful. But i'm better now, so stop talking about it already! (woah, reading that back, it sounds very disjointed. Just like me. CARRY ON)

So my second daughter, we will call her...... WOAH. lol ok, I have no idea what to call her. So i'll use her real life nickname, which is Nana. :) So Nana ... fixed me! i'm pretty sure she's going to be a doctor one day. I SWEAR she had tools and a glue gun up in there (not from my leaving it behind, that would be crazy.... )

So i bet you are wondering why sex after kids is even an issue. Aren't you? oh you're serious.

Well there's lots of new and fun things that can happen!
Like once, we were making the sex and milk squirted Fox in the face. Woops! I had no idea that your boobs were connected to your sex bone.

Another fun thing is kids learn to walk. Into your bedroom, at 3am. Just as you are also being woken up for a quiet quickie, someone is climbing up the foot of the bed. Just once, i'd like it to be an intruder, just so that I don't have to walk my 4 year old back to her room, buck booty naked.

HEY did you know that some beds (mine) squeak only on the left side (also mine) and only when you are really enjoying the moment? Yeah... me either.
So now we enjoy what we like to call "closet sex". As in, we do it mostly on the floor of our walk in closet.

p.s. we also high five afterwards.

Sometimes you're forced to grow up, because you grow out

Let me tell you a story.....

Once upon a time, there was a girl. This girl had bright pink pants.
And they were the most awesomest pink pants ever. Then she forgot to work out ... for a year. Then she put on le pink pants. Then she ripped them... while sitting... SO she bought new grey pants! Because grey is sensible and in her size.  And le pink pants can suck it.

The moral of the story here is obvious....

Grey is the new pink.

Thursday, 7 February 2013


So I am trying to organize my life. I figured i'd put this out there for the world, so that I HAVE to follow through :)

Here are the ways my life is a disaster:

1. I suck at food. Food in general. My kids eat more Mac n' Cheese than... Chef Boyardee's grand-kids. Every day, 3 times a day i go "really? again? they have to eat again?" Then it's a rushed panic to find something edible in my apartment. I've ACTUALLY had the older one say "can we have something else today? I don't want McDonald's anymore"   WOW i suck. SO this weekend i'll be attempting my first ever, cook and freeze marathon :) Hope I end up cooking and not wasting time online looking for "recipes" .....

2. My family hoards clothes. I am the only one in the house who actually purges clothes twice a year. BUT the rest of the wackos? Let me put it this way, the boyfriend "Fox" (who will further be known as Fox), has been out of high school for going on 12 years now... He has NEVER gotten rid of anything since....
 I call it his Ninja Turtle suit (yes it does have matching green crushed velvet pants. Thanks for asking!)

SOUTHPOLE... nuff said

SO i'm calling this weekend "The great purge and freeze"
I'm pretty sure that phrase will be famous.

aaaand i'm going to be rich and famous from my phrase.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

In the beginning... there was fog

My best friend @whoismich is always telling me that I need an outlet. I mean i'm cooped up all day long with 8 kids. (More like sitting at work emailing her, and I only have 2 kids. Two girls.... and it feels like 8.) (also i talk in brackets A LOT)

I also have a very scattered brain. So here it is! My brain! all out for the world to see. (I hope that didn't sound gross)

 Sorry in advance.