Monday, 3 June 2013

soo touchy!

This is a rant. (lol)

So I am kind of rude. I don't mean to be rude, but I say things that kind of tick people off .. .sometimes :)

I think the problem is not that I say things that are bad, but that everyone has gotten so damn sensitive these days!
I was doing the dishes yesterday, lost in thought. And I started thinking about those trolls online who just comment and like to ruin everyone's day for no reason. Do you know why they do it? Probably because it's so freaking easy!!

I admit, I've been guilty of being overly sensitive, BUT the internet made me do it!!!

ok, here's what i'm talking about.(so that i doesn't sound like i'm talking in circles...) When I was pregnant with Diva (5 years ago), I was reading about everything pregnancy. All the foods to eat, different ways to deliver, how to swaddle... everything. then I discovered all of the things that are supposed to offend me. Like those lists "what not to say to a pregnant woman", "what not to say to a woman (at all)" ...  like ok, i get it, don't ask a woman if she's pregnant  unless you know for SURE, because it might just be poop. (trust me on this people... ) BUT then i read, "don't ever ask a pregnant woman if it's twins, maybe she's just bloated, or maybe she's sensitive about how large or small she is". Ok.... well in that case how about don't talk to a pregnant woman at all.. you never know if she is offended by your question "when are you due?" (maybe she's had an affair! and her due date would give it away!) or "do you know what you're having?" (DON'T LABEL THE BABIES! what if she decides to give it a non gender name so that IT can pick out IT'S gender later on....?) I remember people saying "don't touch my belly! it's my body!" Personally, I loved it when people rubbed my belly! ha It was like a gentle massage. the only time i hated it, was when i was in actual labour. The one thing, that made me cringe when I was pregnant, was this lady in my office, who I did not know, ask "may i?" and i assumed she meant she wanted to touch the belly. I was happy to let her rub the Buddha .. BUT she (instead of giving me a nice massage), spoke VERY loudly in baby talk to my tummy.. WHAT THE HECK!!! I was so creeped out, I just laughed and ran away! 

So I bought into the "how dare she ask me that?" crap. And i realized later on, that it was stupid. And I loved answering silly questions, and I loved hearing everyone "predict" how big, if it was a girl, or when i'd "pop". It was all part of the fun! 
So my advice for you preggos out there, RELAX!! Go grab your new huge boobs and enjoy! (it will be the last time you loved those things for a long time. At least until after breastfeeding, however long  you CHOOSE to do it, if you do at all, I DON'T CARE!)
End (slightly chipper) rant

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