Friday, 7 June 2013


Tomorrow is Calgary's annual Carifest parade and sunshine festival. This is a celebration of Calgary (surprisingly large) Caribbean community. We go every year. And no, i'm not Caribbean. lol. When we were kids, our dad would take us, and we would dance and eat yummy food. My dad took us to lots of festivals, probably, mostly (only) for the food. YUMMO!

My daughters are of Jamaican descent (on their daddy's side. he was born there), so I want to bring them to the festivities every year just like my dad did when we were kids. The only thing i'm worried about, when I expose them to their culture, is that they will pick up on the patois and start to talk to me with an accent. It's really a thing of concern for me! (ha i'm kidding. If they learn, i'll learn right up there with them!)

So wish me luck ya'll! my beautiful punk kids are growing up, and learning to kiss their teeth already.

Monday, I might even post pics of my girls at the parade (if they are not crying in every single picture...)

Carifest Poster 2013

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