Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Yesterday, I had mentioned that I get tired really easily. (direct quote: I get tired REALLY easily) 

I'm not sure I've ever mentioned why. I have been tired all the time, ever since having my 4 year old. At first, I just figured, it's normal. Everyone is tired when they have kids. BUT not everyone is falling asleep while driving on the highway...

I went to my Dr. about it. And he sent me for a sleep test. The sleep test was awful. I had to have an oxygen thingy under my nose (and wrapped around my ears), finger pulse thingy taped to my ... finger, Heart rate monitor, taped to my heart, and a flat microphone taped to my neck. I kept feeling like i'm being choked. So anyway, this test came back, that I don't have sleep apnea. But that's it.

Then I was sent in for an overnight sleep study. THOSE SUCK MY FRIENDS!!  I had wires all over my body. My head, legs, face... BLEH. And in the end of having to sleep over at the hospital, then take 5 forced naps during the day (which WOULD have been a dream com true, if they were timed at 20 minutes long, and they came in and turned on the lights and make me get up). Turns out I fell asleep within 5 minutes of each of my naps.

In the end, I was diagnosed with Hypersomnia., which really just means "Excessive Sleepiness". There's really nothing I can do about it either. They gave me a prescription for something to keep me awake. Aaaaand it gave me MORE panic attacks than what I gave myself on a normal basis.

So now I have to figure this out. I can only drink so much coffee. And that prescription i got, will only make my life worse in different ways. I could start exercising again. I hope that helps! Tonight I start. :)
OOoh i have an idea! i'll try new things and report back here. So i'll workout everyday (at home. in my living room) and report back next wed on how sleepy I am (or not)

I'll update when i'm home, with a pic of me all covered in wires.

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