Monday, 24 June 2013

Come Hell or High water!

OK so I couldn't wait till tomorrow to post... SO TWO FOR ONE DAY! Can I get a YA HOO?!  (ok... nevermind)
Earlier I had mentioned the Calgary Stampede. If you are unfamiliar with the annual event, it's when the whole city rips off their suits and ties, and throws on plaid shirts and cowboy boots and has a 10 day party. And although, I've never actually dressed up appropriately, all of my friends have (I just haven't been able to afford to every year.I might this year...)

The Stampede park, or "The Grounds" as we Calgarians call it, was completely under water this weekend. SO much so, that only the Mayor thought we'd be ready on time this year.
calgary flooding
Photo: Facebook/Vecas Griffiths Jr.
Calgary Stampede flooded
photo: Gavin Young/Calgary Herald
Another great place to see pics, is here it really shows how badly damaged everything is.

SO onto the good part! When i'd first heard the Mayor say that we will go on with the Stampede this year, I was skeptical. OK, so i rolled my eyes and thought "yeah fricking right". BUT after seeing how determined we are as a city and how many people have decided to make this their mission, i'm a believer. How could I not? This is the heart of our city. And although it looks impossible now, it will be well worth the effort. Yes there are so many people right now, with no home to go back to. But i'm sure it would lift their spirits even just a little, to be able to watch the parade, and eat pancakes and eat some deep fried shit. :) If only to help them forget for a few hours. 
The new (unofficial) motto for this years Stampede is "Come Hell or high water". There's even someone selling shirts with the slogan (proceeds going to flood victims). I'm definitely going to get one!!! 

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