Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Man of the house

I was reading a funny post by mommyshorts.com just now about fathers day gifts. She's awesome FYI! I've been following her since her now 4 year old was a wee thing :) our kids are almost the exact same age, and exact level of cuteness :)

So she made light over the gift "options" for Fathers day that are being advertised. I hate fathers day just as much as mother day, for basically the same (if not completely reversed) reasons. On mothers day, I am not happy, because I end up doing most of the work anyway, and since my kids are too young to appreciate my hard work and tears (lots of tears), it's up to my man to pick up the mothers day enthusiasm...

FATHERS DAY, is a day when I do all the work WITH LOTS of enthusiasm then get grumpy at the end of the day, because he doesn't have the same enthusiasm as me. (note to self, look up the word enthusiasm in the thesaurus.... oooh conviction, vim, spirit!) I dress the girls up all cute, do their hair, have them help me serve him breakfast in bed, and then we leave him alone for a while.

ANYHOO, the whole gift part of it is just ridiculous. Because if you look online for a gift idea, you don't have much to chose from (See mommyshorts.com). I see ads that say "for that golfer in your life" or "he could always use a new tie/grill set/flask/beer-cozie/fishing... thingy" and that's just not fair. Fox is not the stereotypical guy you see on tv. He hasn't even OPENED our BBQ for going on 2 years now. (and no, not me either, i'm scared of using that thing), he's not an outdoorsy person, he doesn't work in an office, or wear a tie (except to funerals), he doesn't like dogs, he only owns like 2 tools (which I bought him because i was sick of him hammering nails with a shoe). The only thing he does that is easy to predict, is watch sports. Basketball mostly (Hockey too). And there's only so many basketballs I can allow to remain in our apartment. (also, no he doesn't skate, or swim for that matter).

So what to do? Well, lucky for me, my mother and Sister are home all day, being all creative-house-wifey-like, and they've already come up with an awesome idea for the dads in our lives. They took pics of our kids wearing large dad shirts and ties and are framing them. So cute to see my little girls looking like little tiny men :) I'll post those pics on Monday next week.

If it were up to me to be creative with a gift Idea, I would have just gotten him a grill set, with a note attached that says "BE A MAN! JUST USE THE BBQ ALREADY!"

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