Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The lady with the yellow hair who says bad things

The other day I was randomly reading blogs I've never read before. I had magically found one that sounded right up my alley!
 mommablogsalot Here is her bio: My name is Jen and I am the stay at home mother of an amazingly clever seven year old boy dubbed “MM” who never ceases to amaze me with his intelligence, kindness and charm and an adorable little dictator three year old daughter “BB” who can go from sugar and spice to temper tantrum central in less than ten seconds – she’s addicted to all things princess and would eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for every meal if I let her.

She had done a question and answer with her kids and I thought it was just brilliant, so I asked her if I could steal use her questions, and blog about it. :).. She said yes 

Diva age 4 
Nana age 2
My thoughts are in blue

1. What do I do for fun?
 Nana: She just started pointing to random crap. Like the table.. her arm... Even when I asked the next day, started pointing to her food....
Diva: I don't know.. Nothing. you're not fun (ouch)

2. What’s my favorite TV show?
Nana: Pointed to the news and also said "kid shows"
Diva: That show with the girl with yellow hair who says bad things (I laughed so hard at that one, and had no idea what show she was talking about, until later that night, when i sat down to watch Chelsea Lately... HAHAHAHA)

3. What do I drink?
Nana: TEA (She yelled it out. I do drink tea... sometimes. when i'm sick)
Diva:Water (finally, an answer that makes sense. She only sees me drink water or coffee any given day, although i'm equally  surprised and relieved she didn't say wine)

4.What do I eat?
Nana: Pancakes (I do love a good pancake. Haven't made them in a while. Do you think she was projecting....)

5.What do I like to read? 
Nana: She MIMED a person reading. Um, I don't think she understands that i'm asking her questions, not telling her to FIND stuff...
Diva: People books? (Diva has gone through this "phase" of calling kids, kids and adults, people. She doesn't seem to get that kids are people too... lol)

6.What do I wear?
Nana: Dresses (nope... I'm not at all a dress person... I try...)
Diva: A dress um .. a shirt. (that's all I wear? and why do my kids think I wear dresses???? and where are my pants?)

7.What do I do with my friends?
Nana: "Plays with her" is her exact answer. How does a grown woman play with her friends? lol 
Diva: Talk and don't play. (she's so miserable eh? but yes, we do mostly talk, and mostly don't play.)

8. What is my favorite song?
Nana: Someone like you  (to be fair, it's the only song she knows, and she requests it every 5 minutes, so of course that was her guess. I do love Adele) (but nope)
Diva: Beat it.. um Michael Jackson. (Um again, THOSE ARE THEIR FAVOURITE SONGS!) 

9.What do I do when you’re napping?
Nana: Sleep. (As much as i'd love to say that I nap when she naps.... My house is just to dirty to relax during the day)
Diva: Go to bed, and don't talk. (I'm not sure if she's telling ME to go to bed and don't talk, or if she's saying That's what I do, or if she's repeating what I tell them night after night...)

10.What do I do when you’re in bed at night?
Nana: On the floor. (that was her answer. What does that mean Nana? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?)
Diva: Tuck me in... I don't know. (That's right.. and you don't want to know.. HAHA)

In conclusion, Nana is silly, and still has yet to figure out... basically anything. And Diva, really lives up to her name :)


  1. Oh my goodness, these questions literally made me laugh out loud - your girls are TOO cute!

    1. Oh man. I can't wait to ask them what the meaning of life is... lol

  2. Ok I see comments and now I will try to comment. Wish me luck!