Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Bunkin up

Diva doesn't like to sleep in her room. Even with Nana there, she cries and says she doesn't want to sleep alone. She means, without me. So every night, while we are asleep, she creeps into our bed and JAMS her tiny body between mine and Fox's. By the time my alarm goes off, i'm Hanging for deal life on the edge of my bed.

We had started a sticker reward ... thingy (shut up) a few months ago, and that only lasted for... 2 weeks. After a while she'd say "I don't care about stickers! I want sleep with you!" GAH! Every once in a while, she'll stay in her bed all night. And we celebrate. And she's proud. But sometimes, she doesn't, and we argue at 1am. And she comes in and hogs my side of the bed (only.) (when I ask her why she doesn't kick daddy out, she said "because he'll be mad" ...) and I get no sleep and everyone wonders why mommy is so grumpy in the morning.

The other day, i decided to try to change this habit. My mother has these small couches, that pull out into flat beds. So I took mine home (the two she got for my girls) and put one beside my bed, and told Diva, that f she comes in to our room, this is where she will sleep. That was on Friday. She slept in her own bed all weekend!
THEN last night happened.....
There was a storm. Not just any storm, a majestic "tornado warning" type storm. I had gotten the kids settled in bed, and warned them "go to sleep, so you don't have to hear the storm". They were too busy giggling and kicking each other (they both sleep on the bottom bunk, since Diva hates to sleep alone... )
Well, there was a huge thunder boomer at 8:30. it came simultaneously with lightning, which set off our  fire alarm. Since we live in a condo building  that means everyone in the building has to hear the loud pterodactyl squawking alarm. So we went outside. Fire dept came and shut it off.
Then it went off again around 9. Fire dept took a little bit longer, so the alarms (which can be silenced in our unit) went off for a long enough time... 

Finally got to bed at 12. (took a long time to calm the freaking kids down. Slept on their floor). 4 am. Alarm goes off again. This time took 30 minutes for them to come. Had to silence our alarms 4 times. Kids were hysterical. I got 4 hours of sleep and the kids were grumpy. By the time my alarm went off at 5am, I was hanging on for dear life at the edge of my bed, my head dangling over the side. Nana was tossing and turning and BURROWING into my back. 

I need to figure out a way to get the girls to stay the frick in their beds!!!!!!!!  After last night, they might be traumatized... 

Kids in my bed. It's 5 am

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