Monday, 29 July 2013

The gifts that keep on taking

This weekend, my cousin gave me a gift. She said "when i saw it, I thought of you". It was a plaque. It read "Children... the gift that keep on taking". It made me laugh. But on the inside, I cringed.

I have been feeling pretty low lately. I have been extra grumpy, extra rushy (I don't even care if that's a word) and just not fun to be around. And I know the girls notice. I know this, because they too have been extra grumpy and yelly (new words yo)and spitty, whinny (oh GOD have I ever mentioned the whining???) and pinchy. So after crying to my boss this morning, (it's ok, we got it like that :) I think... ) she gave me some advice, I've decided to go on a mission. A HUGE mission, but taking TEENY increments (ADHD ya'll, take on too much, get overwhelmed then completely give up) (have you noticed I haven't written any follow up on my year of organization? ) (Ok, so I just went back to find the link to the posting where I talked about my 52 weeks of organization... and I've never written it! haha ooops! So basically, I signed up for weekly emails, with tips and calendars to follow to organize my home, I haven't even seen an email in probably 3 months now...)

So as you, YOU as my witness (i'm not even sure who YOU are...), I am going to fix one thing at a time. This might take months. But it has to happen. I can't live all grouchy anymore.(ooh add grouchy to my list of crap up there)

Here is my outline in order of importance to me:

Morning routine

Bedtime routine

Bath time


My mornings are currently like this:
5:00 am alarm goes off. Diva is usually in my bed, and I've been awake probably sine 4, then with my sleep disorder, I drag myself out of bed... usually at 6.
6:00 i get the kids up, plop them in front of the tv, with milk and cereal. put their clothes out in front of them, and hop into the shower.
6:30 (yes I only need 30 minutes to get showered and dressed)  Go get the kids dressed. This part takes the longest, because Diva is... a diva. And she screams at me no matter what i have laid out for her to wear. Even if SHE picked it out the night before, or if I let her pick it out that morning. She screams. Nothing is what she wants. I'm not right. She runs around the house naked and yelling and crying, saying she doesn't know how to get dressed. whine whine WINE. All the while, Nana is watching, like it's a tv show. She also doesn't get dressed without my help, and is so happy most of the time, she is too busy playing and climbing on furniture to hear me say "put your shoes on".
7:00 Is when I am supposed to leave
7:20 is when I usually leave.
7:40 Is when I get to my moms house.
I "start" work at 8.... or lately... 8:20.

Tonight will be a brain storm on the morning routine.
I'll report back tomorrow

Also, I've hung my plaque at work.

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