Monday, 8 July 2013


Ok, the title sounds angry. But it's not. Not really...LOL That's what Nana said to me this weekend when I attempted to ask some pretty serious questions.

If you remember I had asked my girls some pretty hard questions not too long ago, well I went and did it again!
I stole Borrowed some more questions from mommablogsalot. Here is her bio: My name is Jen and I am the stay at home mother of an amazingly clever seven year old boy dubbed “MM” who never ceases to amaze me with his intelligence, kindness and charm and an adorable little dictator three year old daughter “BB” who can go from sugar and spice to temper tantrum central in less than ten seconds – she’s addicted to all things princess and would eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for every meal if I let her.

Here is the crap fun answers we got this time!:
Diva age 4 
Nana age 2
My thoughts are in blue

What is the meaning of life? 
Nana: Kept saying no. Not sure how profound that is...
Diva: (in her exact words) God made us alive and we need to try to don't be dead.  Well there you have it folks! The end!
What do you want to be when you grow up?
Nana: She just repeated my suggestions... a dentist! a dr!
Diva: A singer. (I asked her if she's a good singer, she said "no, not till i'm a grown up")
What brings you the most happiness? (i had to rephrase this one a few different ways..)
Nana: YOU! (me! hehe i love it!)
Diva: When daddy is playing with us
When do you feel the most loved? (I had to rephrase this one a lot)
Nana: Dear God, after hugging (i'm still not sure if she gets the question, but that answer makes sense!)
Diva: I don't know (miserable)

What are you afraid of? 
Nana: A monster! (so matter of fact)
Diva: When we go to bed, and the light is off, my dresser looks like a wolf (that's the first I've ever heard of it...)
If you had one wish, what would you wish for?
Nana: Ummmmm (that's all she did, then looked at me blankly for a long/creepy time)
Diva: A toy. who is grumpy like daddy (hahaha what?)
What is the funniest word? 
Nana: I don't know. (then she started laughing for no reason , i think the word she thinks is funny, is the word "funny")
Diva: Googley. She uses that one a lot. It is pretty funny 
What is the hardest/easiest thing to do?
Nana: *Stares blankly at me* So... apparently the hardest thing to do is answer this question.
Diva: Hardest :(I wish i was lying...) Nothing is hard for me, I can do everything!
         Easiest: Turn on the TV (Fox practically gave her this answer... jerk lol)

What is the best/worst thing in the world?
Nana: She answered Daddy for both parts of this question
Diva: Best : Daddy (darn those kids....) Worst: our house. I want a big house with an outside door (HEY that's MY line!)
What makes you mad? 
Nana: Daddy (I kept telling him to leave the room, because she's only two, and has no brain yet, and he's very cute distracting)
Diva: Cousins not sharing, and nobody listening to me (me too baby... like when YOU don't listen to me)
What is the meaning of love? 
Nana: No (aaaand she's had enough of the questions)
Diva: People love people and kiss EW
If you had all the money in the world, what would you do with it? 
Diva: I had to ask this question a few times, because she was getting distracted (see cute daddy...) here are her 2 answers : 1.An angry mommy. I already have an angry mommy, I'm going to buy another one. (What the hell??) 2. Biggest kitty that can stomp on people (why is she so miserable!!???)
So, in conclusion, my kids get distracted VERY easily, and have some work to do in the areas of career choices, and money management.
Also, daddy is very distracting :) 
 That cutie in the fedora is my nephew. Lub Lub :)

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  1. Googley is a pretty fantastic word! So glad you played along with your kids! It'll be fun to look back on these someday!