Thursday, 11 July 2013


I worked in a clothing store a few years ago (actually I worked in retail for 8 whole years, beginning when I was 16). One day while folding cashmere sweaters that were far too expensive for me to ever purchase, a lady came in panting and looking a bit frantic. She said (in her exact words) "Have you seen a lady, short Asian,... spastic, wearing a blue sweater?" We kind of smiled at her and said no, she said "OK, i'll come back, she said she was heading this way, if she comes, KEEP HER HERE." Then left. I asked my manager "did she just say spastic?"  A little while later this short Asian lady (to be fair, she was probably of Chinese descent, but totally raised in Canada) in a blue sweater blew in and TORE THE STORE APART. I mean that in a nice way. :) She unfolded everything, while talking to us, but not talking TO us. And interrupted EVERYTHING we said (knock knock, who's there, interrupting cow, interruptMOOO!!!). She would go all over the place in one sentence "Oh! how much is that pair of.. I like this hat! Where did you buy that necklace? I should cut my hair!" It was pretty intense. And I loved every minute of it. :)

I often wonder though, how much of that woman, people see, when they are with me. Just for fun, every once in a while, I take an online ADHD self diagnosing test. SUPER FUN. :) I do however, always come to the conclusion, that had I been diagnosed as a kid, i'd be a totally different person today (or at least have gotten some kind of education after barely graduating high school). I know those things are not true diagnosing tools. But it's fun to answer questions about myself just the same :)

I started noticing a few years ago, that I CANNOT look people in the eye while talking anymore. My eyes are constantly darting around the room. The bigger the room, the bigger the problem. Sometimes, I'll hear words come out of peoples mouths, but i retain none of it. Other times, i'm thinking about something that's distracting me and they are all "so my cousin was taken off life support" and I go "gah, my my elbow is so itchy. Sorry about your cousin". I'm sure I've offended many many many people, but the only difference I've seen with those online tools, and my real life, is that nobody has TOLD me I have. Sure there are the usual, "Chantale... slow down" or "Chantale, woah! are you even listening?" But even in high school, when I wouldn't couldn't sit down, and i'd lie at the front of the room, and "supervise" the class from the floor, the teachers never really said "I think you have a problem.....".

So I posted on Facebook today, asking people to describe me in one word. So far, I've gotten, Real, funny, Chantale (as in, you're just Chantale...), Creative, expressive, fluttery, Orange (my best friend knows me so well ), my boss said i'm like a roller coaster. HAHAHA she would know best! So far, nobody has called me a spaz.. SO... yay! I'll have to update later with more words the peeps have described me as.


That's not me. That's Jenna Marbles yo

Just got called impatient
Random, Quirky, multi-dimentional, GASSY (bwahahah jerk), colorful, home

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