Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Step one: Create a routine

Oh Hello there, didn't see you with my eyes shut. :p
I'm so tired today, I fell asleep WHILE WALKING. (yes, that can actually happen)

SO! My brain storm yesterday went well. I have a small plan of action towards my morning problems with Le Diva.

Fox will do it.

Ok, that's not the WHOLE plan. But he will get her up and dressed from now on. Then all I have to do is get the happy one ready. And myself.

This morning, it worked, and I even had a few minutes to enjoy a coffee. (isn't that nuts? that's how horrible it's been, i get up with plenty of time, and today I got to enjoy it) Also, i'll be getting our snacks, and lunches and breakfasts all ready the night before. I just want to get dressed, and grab a bag and go.

A big part of our morning stress, is emotional. The kids wake up grumpy, I wake up grumpy, and we take it out on each other. I tried to think of ways to boost the happiness in the mornings, and came up with a few things.
1. Play kids music in the car (*shudder*)
2. Smile even when I don't want too
3. Get up early and have a coffee after my shower
4.  Hug my kids when they get up (actually I do this most of the time already)
5. Get the kids up early enough to not have to rush them. They are trying to get dressed by themselves, they want to pick out a toy to bring, put their own shoes on... I have to give them enough time to do what they do.

So that's it. I hope it helps.

Any ideas?
I'll start talking about my next issue to tackle tomorrow... Bathtime

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