Wednesday, 31 July 2013

don't stop till you get it right

I am still trying to figure out this morning routine crap. Yesterday was a breeze and made me feel like I was just a whiner and parenting isn't so hard, so why don't I just shut up already.

Today.... not so much. It wasn't AWFUL. I didn't want to leave my kids at home and take off to Mexico (not that I would ever do that....), but they didn't listen or get out of the house on time either.

I need a plan B. Since Fox helped get Diva dressed yesterday, it took all the hard work out. Today, she was dead asleep. So he couldn't do it. (also he was refusing to wake her up... jerk) So when she got up, it took a lot of effort on my end to not get grumpy and to keep smiling, and help her pick out a shirt. But after that, it all went down hill again. The girls just HATE when I ask them to do anything. "Put your shoes on" "NO", "wait for me at the door" "NO! I wanna be naked now!", "Shoes back on!" "NO, I find Abbey Dabby!" I was 14 minutes late again. (that's after almost being 30 minutes ahead of schedule)

The threat of no TV if they don't listen, is working though! So that's good. We had a fun family night last night, dancing and cleaning and reading bedtime stories. (I had remembered to take out chicken for dinner, for the first time in months) and we ate as a family. So there's the promise of good times ahead.

I just really need to get my mornings off a bit smother. I know that most people have hectic mornings. But with school starting in a month (Diva starts Kindergarten!) and new sleep schedules to come (Step two soon!), i have to get my house in order.

Tonight. I WILL get the kids clothes laid out before bed. I will bathe my children (woops! haha) and I will get them to bed at a decent hour. So that when morning rolls around, they are more pleasant to deal with.

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