Monday, 18 March 2013

a letter to 13 year old me

Hey Sean (that's what they used to call me, and that's how I spelled it)

This is me (you) from 17 years into the future. I remember that at the age of 13, I had tried to picture what i'd look like at the age of 30. Trust me, you'd be surprised! I remember you'd always pictured something like a model from the Sears catalog, with a pastel suit and long hair. Very ... motherly looking. Well looking into the mirror right now, I have SHORT Halle Berry hair (the lady from the Flintstones movie) and have not had to wear a suit yet! But I do have cute sensible shoes.

Sweetheart. You are not a loser. You will find love (many times) you are also very pretty. One day, you'll  look back at yourself and wonder how you ever felt so badly of yourself. You will lose touch with almost everyone you talk to on a daily basis by the end of Jr.high, and you'll be fine with it. Some of the decisions you'll make in Jr. High, will actually shape who you are as an adult. So try to really open your mind to what the future may hold. You have a chip on your shoulder, and nobody knows why. It's because you have ADHD and you will not figure it out for a long time still. You should REALLY start paying better attention to your body. I mean, go to gym class... participate... you know... get moving. Because while right now, you have the best body EVER, it won't be that way in 11 years. So maybe learn now, how to get in shape.
Also, you are smart. Don't listen to those assholes. (oh yes, you start swearing in about 2 years :)) Not even that teacher who said to the new kid "don't sit next to her, she's dumb and it might rub off on you". He was a jerk and you have no idea what ever happened to him. Good riddance. All the boys you are "in love with" right now, are NOT the right guys for you. TRUST ME. :) Andrew is a normal person. Not a celebrity. Maybe try to talk to him. You might find out that he thinks he's a weirdo too. Paul: He's a weirdo. (ha) Martin: He's actually a great guy. You will become his friend in high school. so all the crap he does and says now, just let it go. He feels sorry for you, and will apologize when you're older. Those twins: who cares. In the real world, they do not matter. Their money can't change their personalities ... or faces. OOOH I just remembered one (kind of the big deal in your life right now...) Justin. hahahaaaa, so he's kind of a complete loser. You don't even find this out until your high school reunion. But it's ok because he also does not matter.

So my advice to you, 13 year old Chantale. (aka Sean, aka Da Bomb) just do you. but at the same time, help your mother out more often. Also maybe be nice to your baby sister.


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