Friday, 15 March 2013


So here's the story of how I met their Father....

I was 23, hot (literally and figuratively), drunk and ready for a party. (again, literally. It was rum slurpee day with one of my best friends!) (Rum Slurpee day is when you spend the day with your best friends, rum, and slushees/slurpees/icy's whatever your town has and wander the streets of downtown, getting to know strangers, and trying to find a public washroom that lets non-paying patrons use the facilities. Usually starting around 2pm)

So i'm at this club, which I wasn't in the mood to be at. And I slowly staggered over to the washrooms. Now at this particular place, the men folk liked to hang out, outside the washrooms (or maybe that's just the way night clubs work?) and i hear "HEY" and someone grabbed my arm. I honestly didn't see his face. So i just nodded in his general direction and kept walking/swaying/dancing. Once out of the loo, i'd already forgotten about this gentleman (haha) and was walking by him when he grabbed my arm again. So i normally would have been rude and said something like "that is NOT how to get a lady's attention" but he was wearing a red shirt. I'm a sucker for a man in a red shirt (i'm kidding. I was just too drunk to be rude) (but he was wearing a red shirt). So we talked for a while. By the time we'd left, i'd learned his name, his profession, where he was from and how long he'd been in Canada for. I had also forgotten EVERYTHING about him, except that he wears a red shirt. Apparently  i'd asked him over and over if he was a football player (warehouse worker), if he was American (Jamaican), said "so you've been in Canada for like a week?" a few times (living here since he was 11), and asked his name a LOT.

The next morning, I was out for brunch with my friends, and he called. Friend whispers "find out his name". I asked him (to his surprise). He answered "Jamal". FIRST OF ALL, that is not his name. Second of all, that's not what my caller ID said when he called, THIRD, he doesn't go by EITHER of those two names (caller ID name and/or Jamal)...anyhoo...So he says his name is Jamal (*snort*) and i try to mouth the name out to my friend. I also add in some amazing finger spelling. She goes "Triangle?" I said out loud "yes, his name is Triangle" So we called him that for a few months. Turns out he really didn't like that...Now I just call him Fox. :)

And that my friends, is how I met their Father.


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