Saturday, 2 March 2013

The weather is nice over here

It's March.
What does that mean here in Canada? Well, in southern Alberta, we get the Chinook. That means that the skies are warmer, the ground is still cold, people start wearing shorts (even if it's snowing, i'll never get those people) and the wind is a blowing. BUT we Calgarians LOVE a Chinook  We all become meteorologists when we see the clouds form an arch above the mountains to the west of us, and we start putting away the heavy boots. (well, not really. it ALWAYS snows in March. I know this for two reasons for sure. 1. it's supposed to snow this Sunday, and 2. there's always snow on the ground on my birthday.) and bring out the ballet flats (again, kidding, we wear those all year long too.)
SO in honor of the season i like to call pre-spring, I will open a window in my apartment today. Just for a few minutes. Don't want the kids to think it's time to ditch the coats and hats just yet!

(for those of you who find this picture a bit gloomy, trust me, it's wonderful)


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  1. is this post to blame for the Snowmageddon here today??? LOL