Friday, 29 March 2013

Letter to 20 year old me

You are an adult (sort of), you have a job (not a real one yet. but it gives you money to party), and you are single and ready to mingle (a lot). Regardless of which man you're with at the moment, you will always ALWAYS have your mind on one guy. You know which guy that is. He is NOT the one. do you hear me? Try not to ditch people for him, don't buy him presents, don't tell people you're with him, don't give him all of the control all of the time. He's just a guy. He might be smart, but he's also self centered and does not care about you. Also while were talking about it, don't buy ANY of those men gifts. You're already giving them a gift.... you don't need to spend money on them!

You are living a rather dangerous life right now, and don't even see it. So although you feel safe in your city, and nothing really bad happens to you (not by the time you are 29 at least), it's still better to try to be a BIT safer... too many close calls my friend.... also, some words of wisdom from 10 years into the future:
1. buy your own condoms. there's NO excuse!
2. Try to drink SOMETHING other than Rum and coke. variety is the spice of life!
3. Your big little sister.... Sushi is a great person. Get to know her better. She might need you one day.
4. The girls you are friends with right now are awesome. But only one will still be a major piece of your life in 10 years. And it's not the one you think. (Hint, you proposed to her once...)(@whoismich)

Ok, get back to the party. Don't worry you didn't miss a thing

p.s. For goodness sake, help your mother! and PLEASE be nice to your baby sister....


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