Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Stuff my kids say

My girls are ages 2 and 4. They are pretty darn funny (if you ask me...). Here are some of the ridiculous things that have come out of their mouths:

Diva: Ok Girl! (talking to me)

Diva: (singing call me maybe) mmmmmmm MET YOU... mmmm THIS IS CRAZY... had a nomo, call me maybe.

Nana: (after leaving my sisters house, who just had a baby) Mama, Nana want baby.
Me: You want a baby? why?
Nana: I love baby! grandma have baby?
Me: No baby, Grandma is too old to have any more babies
Nana: NO FAIR!
Me: I know honey
Nana: Nana want bite baby
Me: what? you want to bite a baby?
Nana: NO, Bye Bite!
Nana: Mommy buy da baby. at superstore. For Grandma!
Me:OH MY! I don't think she wants a baby though...
Nana: Mama bite da baby for mama!!

um..... you think she wants to have more babies around?


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