Monday, 4 March 2013

Love/Hate letters

Dearest pinterest,

I am beginning to feel like i'm in a one sided relationship. You make me feel insignificant, unorganized, and lazy. Why do you not have an instant button? One where I can click it, and it shows up in real life, instantly. (my closet would be so much fun! and probably in Narnia, because my little rack cannot hold much more...)

My home is never going to look rustic modern. I simply do not have millions of dollars at my dispense to throw about new and amazing (AH MAIZE ING!) ideas that you tease me with on a daily basis. Oh how I WISH i could have that giant teal ottoman.

My kids are probably not going to have a learning center in our basement, a treehouse in the backyard, a self cleaning pool/pond or a huge chalkboard fence.There are so many reasons as to why. Mostly because I do not have a basement...or a yard. But If I did... let me tell ya!

My pantry does not look very pretty. But it holds cans and crap. Is that not enough pinterest? Do i REALLY have to have baskets found at a flea market, covered in modge podged vintage pictures of my grandmother, with laminated labels on the front of them that reads "pasta"?

I cannot sew, cook, garden, or craft. I had a bamboo plant once... it died.

So I think we need to have a web site for the normal people. I will call it... JUST KIDDING.


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