Thursday, 14 March 2013

Letter to 15 year old me

SEAN (yup, I still went by this name. Also, at this point my friends were calling the house asking for Sean.)

You are having fun eh? 15, boys boys boys. also, soon enough sex sex sex. My advice here? YOU GO GIRL! hahahaa some people might say that is not a good thing to say to a 15 year old girl. BUT when i look back at my sexual history, I wouldn't change a thing (well maybe one or two things... ha)
This year is a big one, in that you finally decide where you'll fit in, in the world. The middle. You PROBABLY should try harder in school though. Because failing or almost failing, although you do it so well and entertainingly, is not cool. You have your whole life to go out and party (just ask 20 year old you) (from 20 year old you: It's true girl! you will just LOVE Rum! oooh gotta go! it's rum time!). I wish that you took gym class more seriously  although the way you handled it this year, was pretty funny! You REALLY will regret skipping out and ACTUALLY passing gym class with a 51% average. Of course telling you this, before you get there, might only make it funnier to you... hmmmm Well, the men in your life at 15 are just awful. The one who'll take away your innocence, does not know his way around a lady! when you get a chance, look up the word Clitoris, learn what it is, how to handle it, and teach him!!! I can't believe I didn't know what that word (or body part) was until I was 19!!! How sad!!!! One warning for you though. when you turn 16, you'll quickly discover how mean the world is. Friends will be physically and emotionally damaged by the bad people in the world. It will take away all that is left of your innocence. So just stay strong and keep smiling. You are about to start an exciting time in your life, and you are going to make some ridiculous mistakes. But that's life!

p.s. Help your mother out!!!, and maybe be nice to your a baby sister...


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