Thursday, 7 March 2013

a poem for jerks

The first poem I've ever written was in the 8th grade.My baby sister says it's her favorite one. I can understand why. She was only 3 and there was a swear in it.  :) I ACTUALLY handed it in as an assignment in the 12th grade. The teacher told me to come see her after class. She was MAD at me. She said it was so unnecessary and rude and she want's to give me a 0 on that poem. I told her, i thought it was a ballsy artistic expression and I think it deserves to be heard.
I got a 0.

The Goat

Lights fill up my room
the spaceship flies away
they've taken everything
there's nobody left on earth but me
and a goat
and an umbrella
I'm scared
He's staring at me
eyes running up my thighs
I do not want to fuck a goat


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