Friday, 8 March 2013


I was just having a conversation with my BFF about baby fever. My younger sister is about to pop (any time now. She's due on Sunday, and it's her third boy). I had mentioned to her that all this week, I've had baby fever BAD and have finally gotten over it.  (I swear, really, i'd have to buy a house, a new car, and figure out childcare all over again. Nope! not gonna happen!!)

But it got me thinking. Why? Why do we get baby fever even after we've gone through it? BFF said she's never understood, because when she holds someones kid, she always wants to give them back. :) Well my friend. Here are the reasons why I caught the fever.

1. The excitement. I tend to get caught up in the moment... a lot. I even go over board... maybe *cough*... So, of course, i'd get a little excited if I've missed aunt flo (ew. the menses? oh all right, i'll just call it what it is, the worst time of the month :P). (or if I haven't and it's still a week before it's due, and I pee on le stick anyway. Sometimes, you just KNOW). There's so many exciting things that pop up in the 9 month period! From peeing on the stick, to the first ultrasound, feeling the baby move for the first (20) times, buying your first baby things, every Dr appt. and counting down online, the baby shower, naming the baby, then when you think it might be time. ALL OF IT. 

2. The SMELL. No, not the poop smell (@whoismich) the new-fresh-out the oven- johnson&johnson-my sweat mixed with her sweat- smell. GAH. I NEED A HIT. OK, i'm OK.

3. All the things you're "gonna do differently the next time around"  bwahahahaaaa with my first, I was so scared and so naive. I really wished future me could have come and held my hand and assured me of all the decisions i'd had to make. The second time around, it ended with me wishing I could do the labor differently. To just TRY to stick it out a bit longer with no drugs... So of course, you always want to one-up yourself right? 

4. Maybe having a boy. I'd love to see what a boy Fox would look like :) maybe one day. When i'm better off financially, and we have a house. and i'm still under 35. If all those things happen, look out world, i'ma do it again! 

5. And finally, my girls. Diva and Nana. they are delicious and sassy, and beautiful and wonderful and crazy. How could you NOT want more of them? 


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